About our Workshops

Kidesign’s creative workshops cover subjects such as design, architecture, 3D printing, model making, etc. At the essence, each and every one of our workshops aims to inspire the next generation of problem solvers and equip them with creativity and imagination. We have been running activities for children since 2010 and have worked with thousands of children in schools, ran activities in almost all major UK museums and exhibited at different international design and technology events.

Build Your Own Pavilion
Serpentine Galleries • UK-wide

BYOP is a project by Serpentine Galleries and Kidesign, in partnership with over 50 UK cultural and educational institutions. This three-year project hosted a series of Pavilion design workshops taking place across Britain. The workshops covered idea generation, sketching, model making, 3D design software and 3D printing.

Workshop with deaf-mute kids
Kollektiv Gallery • Belgrade, Serbia

This was a particularly special workshop as we worked with a group of deaf-mute children from the Serbian roma community, who may not normally have the opportunity or budget to engage with emerging technologies such as 3D printing. This architecture workshop was based around designing buildings using 3D software and 3D printing.

Get Into Design
The Design Museum • London, UK

A series of workshops for kids and families happening monthly at the Design Museum, focusing on Digital Design and 3D Printing. This 3hr workshop covers an intensive creative process including brainstorming, sketching, 3D software and prototyping. The kids designed functional toy products inspired by the Densters.

Power of Making
Victoria & Albert Museum • London, UK

The Kideville project was part of a major exhibition at the V&A Museum in London – Power of Making (320k+ visitors). Kidesign workshops for children were run on weekends which resulted in a constantly growing city of ideas! All of the models were design by children and 3D printed directly at the exhibition.

Camden Summer University
The British Museum • London, UK

The theme of this workshop was “Designing products for life on Mars”. Going through the process of discovering the past (British Museum’s rich historical collection), understanding the present (visiting Design Museum) and imagining the future and solving problems that humans will face when travelling and living on Mars.

Fixperts Design Workshop
Jubilee Primary School • London, UK

Fixperts and Kidesign ran a series of workshops with Jubilee primary students to “fix and improve” everyday objects, such as a broken pencil that also becomes a ruler and a toy.

Various Design Workshops
Institute of Imagination • London, UK

We have participated/run a series of events, workshops, fairs, activities with iOi, our “next door neighbours”, where children and families can let their imaginations run free.

Archeology Meets Design
Center for the Promotion of Science • Belgrade, Serbia

Kidesign presented its new project – Isle of Kide at the world’s biggest 3D Print event, IN Belgrade, where over 15,000 visitors came to see the show during a weekend. On a specially organised education weekend, schoolchildren could participate in creating their own houses for the Isle of Kide.

Top 100 Designs of the Year
Belgrade Design Week • Belgrade, Serbia

Kideville exhibited at the Belgrade Design Week as one of the Top 100 new projects of the year.

Designing Isle of Kide
3D Print Show • London, UK

Kidesign presented its Isle of Kide at the world’s biggest 3D Print event, in London, for over 15,000 visitors school children which could create their own houses for the Isle of Kide.

Design in Marveland
Brompton Design District • London, UK

Design in Marveland featured a collection of works by children and products by established designers for children. Kids could “buy” a plot of land in Kideville and design their dream house.

Family Festival for Creativity
Maker Faire • San Francisco Bay Area, USA

We created a special edition of Kideville Bay Area and ran workshops for kids at one of the world’s largest creative tech events – Maker Faire in California.

Re-Engage Exhibition
National Center for Craft and Design • London, UK

Kidesign at “Re-engage” exhibition which focuses on designers, makers and artists who use digital technology to engage people in the design and creation of products or artwork.

Fixperts Design Workshop
Sedge Hill School • London, UK

Fixperts and Kidesign set a brief for students to identify problems with different products and create design solutions that would fix these and improve them, for example, a bracelet that is also a wallet.

Olympic Stadium Design
Birkenshaw Primary School • West Yorkshire, UK

At Birkenshaw School students designed their own Olympic Stadiums – Olympic Kideville – and voted for the best.

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“Design is the greatest thing I’ve ever done.”

“My favourite part of the workshop was the model making.”

Kylah, 10 years old

“I wanted to become a scientist but now I want to be an architect as well.”

Kyla, 11 years old
“My favourite part of the workshop was designing shapes into buildings.”

“I really enjoyed drawing and being creative.” 

Jaden, 8 years old


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