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Design Objects Inspired by Animals

A new card game with creative missions to match objects and animals and design new inventions. Fun to play with friends and family or use as an educational game in the classroom. You can even use it alone, as a tool to stimulate your creativity! The Densters game is a great way to develop design thinking skills and learn the basics of biomimicry (bio-inspired design)!


How Does it Work?

There are three different games you can play with the cards:

The Matching game – Take an Object. Identify a suitable Animal. Design your new invention!

The Imagination game – Take an Animal card. Look at its features and design an object using them. Earn points for every feature used. Reveal the animal and redesign your object to match its look!

The Guessing game – Is a new take on Pictionary. Pick a random Object card and a random Animal card and combine them into a new invention, then let other players guess what you made, and guess the other’s designs! You earn points for good designs, but also for guessing well!

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How was the idea for the cards born?

When we created the Densters toys, we got lots of inspiration from nature and animals! This sparked the idea to create a card game based around that!

After a year of development, dozens of workshops, hundreds of young testers, we’re super excited to share it with the world and offer it to everyone interested in design and creative games! The design is ready, so we’re launching it on Kickstarter in order to collect funds for printing and production!

What kinds of things can you design?

So will your – chameleon tape measure – be the next great invention? 🙂

Creative, educational and fun!

Perfect for playing with your friends, family and even solo!

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“Freakin’ love playing this with my niece. I would have loved this game as a child, inventor’s minds are inventing from the beginning!”

Jules Henry, Uncle & Design Engineer

“Thanks for making these! I have a 5-year old daughter and knew we’d play with them (and find new ways to play with them). Right away the cards looked perfect and playful!”

Nathan Ryder, Father & Skills Trainer

“The Densters game is sooo much fun for the whole family! We’re addicted! Given a rainy weekend, you’ll find us playing it at home all afternoon! ”

Rita Miglina, Mother & Art Director


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