As a family of charming monsters, each Denster holds a secret skill for helping children build dens and forts.

Cheekaboo is a strong, slightly naughty peg; Wizetta a smart bed sheet holder; Grumpo a door-stop with attitude; Snella a friendly big-mouth that can grip anything in her jaws; Hoopsta a noisy creature that bites and holds on tight; and Zigzies, mischievous little multi-purpose clips.  On top of that, children use their imagination to hack the Densters’ original purposes and use them as bookmarks, bracelets, desk-tidies and much more.  Children aged 3+ can use Densters to make any kind of dens and forts and play with friends, family, or even alone, whilst developing constructive design and basic engineering skills.

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The Densters Story

“Brilliant! So Clever! I am terrible at making dens with my children. This will be fantastic for them! They can do it independently!”

Louise B, freelance blogger and mother of two

“The Densters solve the frustrating issue of blanket forts always collapsing. Plus, my kids adore playing with the characters!”

Chris M, frequent blank fort builder and father of two sons

“Since you gave us the set, my kids have been spending less time in front of the screen & making up their own stories!”

Maria R, designer, health-enthusiast and mother of 3 girls


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