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Densters @ World’s biggest toy fair!

Nuremberg is a small town in southern Germany, and it is commonly known as "Toy City" as it hosts the world's most important Toy Fair - the Spielwarenmesse! We had a great time showcasing the Densters and exploring what else is new in the toy world. Our stand had a lot of interest and we are now talking to distributors and retailers around the world to create a strategy for Densters worldwide expansion! Here are some pictures of our stand: On our exploration around the fair, we spotted some cool new projects and start-ups! Here are some of the Kidesign team's favourites. Click below to find out more. Trido - magnetic 3D puzzle toy Badala - stickers to upcycle old boxes Play Shifu - educational AR toys

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V&A Museum workshop – Shed to Shelf

We ran a bespoke workshop for young people about product design. Students aged 16-24 worked over two days to create their own unique furniture designs, by going through the whole design process, following the "Kidesign Rocket" model - Fire (discovering the project theme/user), Foundation (setting the project brief), Fuel (idea generation), Form (designing concepts), Finish (presenting the outcomes). The amazing V&A design collection served as a fantastic inspiration some very innovative student designs. Due to a large amount of unique chair designs in the 20th century gallery, each student ended up designing a chair for a different user (pre-school child, teenager, student in a university dorm, young professionals in a shared flat, a young married couple and an elderly couple). Here are some of their designs:          

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Tinker Wonderland at Institute of Imagination

We recently took part in an awesome Christmas event with a creative twist, hosted by our Workshop neighbours Institute of Imagination. Amongst many activities like making Christmas decorations, cardboard Christmas trees, DIY interactive cards, we were building cosy dens with the Densters. Check out some pictures here.

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New Kidesign website!

  We are delighted to launch our new website that finally merges all of our work into one place, including Kideville, Densters and our workshops for kids! We've designed it to be user friendly and make it easy to find out about our projects through visuals and descriptions. Our shop is now also live, so you can order your kit of Densters or the Kideville game! Kidesign has been running for several years now and having recently launched the Densters, we are expanding our market from school games and workshops to educational toys for kids and families, which is why we were very keen on building a single platform for all of our projects and products. The website is very fresh, so we apologise in advance for any glitches and bugs and would appreciate your feedback, both positive and negative. :)

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Meet the Densters!

Remember building blanket forts, dens, tents (call them as you like) as a kid, to role play as a secret detective or restaurant owner, or simply bring a torch with you and read a book inside it? A beautifully creative activity every adult has fond childhood memories of, but which has been slightly forgotten and neglected in today’s kids’ digital era. But fort building is back, and more fun than ever, with the introduction of the Densters! These cute little creatures bite, chew, grab and hang onto blankets and sheets to build dens, forts or whatever cosy hideaways your kids want to make. Densters are a family of eight multi-talented toy monsters that help bring kids’ imaginary worlds to life. London-based studio Kidesign have designed these unique toys with a mission to solve the problem of kids spending too much time in the digital world and reconnect them with their physical surroundings and imagination by encouraging creative play! Densters are functional objects that were turned into charming monsters full of character and personality, and each one with a secret skill for holding bed-sheets and blankets to help children build dens and forts. Meet Cheekaboo (a bag hook by day, blanket peg by night), Wizetta (bookmark that turns into a bed sheet holder), Grumpo (door stopper that can clamp and tightly hold blankets), Snella (a phone stand with a mouth that holds any fabric), Hoopsta (a bracelet for kids that also [...]

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