Meet the Densters!

Remember building blanket forts, dens, tents (call them as you like) as a kid, to role play as a secret detective or restaurant owner, or simply bring a torch with you and read a book inside it? A beautifully creative activity every adult has fond childhood memories of, but which has been slightly forgotten and neglected in today’s kids’ digital era. But fort building is back, and more fun than ever, with the introduction of the Densters!

These cute little creatures bite, chew, grab and hang onto blankets and sheets to build dens, forts or whatever cosy hideaways your kids want to make. Densters are a family of eight multi-talented toy monsters that help bring kids’ imaginary worlds to life.

London-based studio Kidesign have designed these unique toys with a mission to solve the problem of kids spending too much time in the digital world and reconnect them with their physical surroundings and imagination by encouraging creative play! Densters are functional objects that were turned into charming monsters full of character and personality, and each one with a secret skill for holding bed-sheets and blankets to help children build dens and forts. Meet Cheekaboo (a bag hook by day, blanket peg by night), Wizetta (bookmark that turns into a bed sheet holder), Grumpo (door stopper that can clamp and tightly hold blankets), Snella (a phone stand with a mouth that holds any fabric), Hoopsta (a bracelet for kids that also hooks and grabs blankets) and Zigzies (little cable holders that also act as clips for joining sheets together and building massive forts and dens)! Together, they take the experience of building your cosy hideaway to a whole new level!

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